What is the maximum time allotted to revert on the Questionnaire?

We strongly suggest that the questionnaire we send across to you is replied within 1 week. We accept responses within 30 days of mail delivery. If not, we will send you a final version with information that is available to us.


I do not have a Resume to upload. Can a resume be newly created?

Building a Resume from scratch will be charged AED 100 additional.


I have uploaded my existing Resume. How long will it take to get the revised version?

We will conduct an initial review of your resume and contact you within 48-hours of payment receipt. The final revised version of your Resume is fully dependent on how quickly you respond to our queries. Our target is 5 business days.


How will I receive my final revised resume?

Your revised resume will be sent as a freely editable word document and pdf document by e-mail


How will you correct the contents of my LinkedIn Profile?

We will contact you for your LinkedIn Username and Password. We suggest that you change the password to a generic one before giving us the details. Since LinkedIn has a secure login; we would require you to share the verification code you would receive in your e-mail while we log in to your LinkedIn Profile


I do not wish to share the login details of my LinkedIn Profile, but still require it to be improved. Is that possible?

Yes, thats possible. We will provide you with a structured and easy to follow document by e-mail with which you can modify the contents of your LinkedIn Profile. But in this manner you may or may not achieve the desired result.