How to write a Resume?

December 26, 2015


Worried that a popular question on your favourite search engine is not fetching you the output that you desired? Have you been staring at an empty word document, downloaded template or a CV format sent to you by your friend?


Before you can find a job in your city of choice, you need to have a well written resume. Writing a CV seems like a daunting task to many.  Even the most qualified or experienced individual gets nervous when having to make their resume perfect.


There is no written rule on how to write a resume. The perfect resume is one that reflects you skills and experience within the confines of a few pages. This creates a fear that writing too much or too less may expose you to being ignored by the prospective employer.




Here are some quick useful tips that will get you kick-started




  • Unless you are applying for a creative role; keep away from fancy designs and non-standard fonts.

  • Do not write generic text with the sole purpose to fill pages

  • No Full Size or holiday Photographs

  • If you are not a fresher; not required to mention your school report card

  • Do not use a declaration at the footer of your CV

  • If you do not intend to mention references on your CV, do not write text stating “References will be provided on request”

  • Under your personal details; avoid below information

    • Name of your parents

    • Religion

    • Passport Number



  • Recommended fonts are Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman or Calibri with font size of 11/12 for the content and 12/13 for the titles

  • Though a photograph is not necessary. If you intend to use one; keep to a passport sized professional photograph

  • Under Personal Details, do include the below

    • Date of Birth

    • Language Proficiency

    • Visa Status (In countries where this is applicable)



  • Personal Details

    • Full Name

    • Email Address & Contact Number

    • Current Location

    • Optional: Visa Status | Driving License

  • Professional Summary

    • A short paragraph or bullet points that defines your professional experience and realistic goals

  • Strengths / Skill Sets

    • Only mention those strengths which are relevant to field of work

  • Employment Experience

    • Mention the below information clearly

      • Designation, Company Name, City/Country

      • Start Month-Year and End Month –Year

      • Bullet Points mentioning your key responsibilities

      • Key achievements / Projects or Learning’s from each Job experience

  • Educational Qualifications

    • Name of Degree in Full

    • Name of Institution

    • Year of Completion

  • Trainings and Certifications

    • Name of Trai