Job Seekers guide to make LinkedIn work for you without being a Premier Member

April 7, 2016


Step 1 – Build an All-Star Profile

  • Build a Profile with the below content

    • Summary

    • Work Experience

    • Courses / Publications / Certifications

    • Projects (if applicable)

    • Languages Proficiency

    • Skills

    • Education

    • Volunteering Experience (if applicable)


Step 2 – Follow Organisations

  • Follow organizations that either inspire you or those you wish to join


Step 3 – Add Professional Connections

  • Start with close peers that are in your acquaintance and those who are most likely to accept your connections

  • Do not add random connections with the mere aim to add count on your profile


Step 4 – Be an Active User

  • Staying active on LinkedIn is the best way to maximize its benefits

  • Add LinkedIn on the homepage listing of your browser


Step 5 – Request Contacts to recommend you



Step 6 – Publish Posts

  • Publish Posts relevant to either your field of work or to the corporate world


Staying true to steps 1 to 4 will definitely ensure you will get Job Posting alerts that are most relevant to you. Above all; you will get noticed in the corporate space