Tired of Employer Rejections? Have you checked your Resume Rating?

August 9, 2016

















Getting a Job is the final goal for every Job Seeker. But most Job Seekers fail to spend that extra bit of time and effort to ensure the quality of content on their resume.


In pursuit of a Job that meets your requirements; the aim should be to target only those Job applications that require your skill sets. But despite this; you may still not get shortlisted for such targeted applications.


Instead of being negative and cursing your credentials at several rejections, you should look closer at the contents of your Resume.


Does the contents of your resume add value to an employers requirements?


Well, the most qualified and experienced get it wrong when putting content on their resume.


Is there someway that a Job Seeker can evaluate and rate their resume?


The answer is YES.


www.rezscore.com is an Online Tool backed by strong artificial intelligence and machine learning technology with which Job Seekers can rate their resume and take corrective measures.


If your Resume rating is neither an A or B; you are at a high-risk of Employer Rejection for each of your job applications.


Services at Resume Fix always ensure you get an A or B rating for your resume.


This high-rating ensures that your resume gets shortlisted for every job that meets employer skill requirements.


So before you hurry and apply for Jobs, check your Resume Rating.