Meet the Writers

Sunil M Padmanabhan
Certified Professional Résumé Writer

Certified Professional Résumé Writers are the career industry's leading experts in the development of strategic resumes. The purpose of the resume is to secure a personal interview from among the dozens or hundreds of applicants for a given position.

"My experience working with large organizations has equipped me with immense business process knowledge enabling me to easily adapt my writing for any profile regardless of the industry or level of experience. Information Technology was my career choice, but my first love has always been writing. I have enjoyed business writing from a very early phase of my professional career.


Response time is critical to résumé writing services. A client seeking assistance on their résumé is usually short of time and needs quick assistance to make further strides in their career. Our business relies on our ability to quickly respond to clients with content of the highest quality.


You can use the best font, layout and design for your resume; but what matters the most is the content. The content is supreme and the most appealing part of your résumé for employers and recruiters alike.


I frequently get queries from working professionals as to how they would benefit from Professional Résumé Writing Services. My answer to them is simple and has always remained the same. Your resume is your best marketing tool meant to appeal to a specific audience. This is no different from a company who is willing to make an advert to market their products. Companies know their products better than anyone else but yet use AD agencies to develop their marketing material. Professional Résumé Writers are your AD agency to help present your skills and experience in the most appealing format.


Beyond business, Résumé Writing is my way of impacting people’s lives positively"


Sunil M Padmanabhan



Ragini Jain
Professional Résumé Writer

An IT engineer and an MBA in Marketing from one of the esteemed management institutes in India, Ragini has been in the field of resume writing since over 6 years.

With an eye for detail and professional focus, she has created 800+ resumes and LinkedIn profiles, critically analyzed 1200+ documents and has also tried her hand at content writing.

Her corporate exposure of half a decade makes her proficient at understanding profiles, bridging information gaps, asking pertinent questions and delivering high quality documents. She has written for a varied range of profiles, starting from blue collared, mid management, senior management to CXO and Board levels. Being for a technical as well as management background gives her an edge while working on technical and/or managerial profiles.

Having catered to clients across USA, Australia, Singapore, India and the UAE, Ragini truly is an international level resume writer. She also gained a certification in resume writing from an Australian firm. Her professional motto is ‘under promise and over deliver’ and she has strong work ethics.